How was the radio station created?
The idea of this radio station arose during the Christmas holidays of 2015.
For a while I was playing with playlists on Spotify, but it did not meet my expectations. More and more songs that I like myself were not available on Spotify.
By chance I came out with Radionomy, a site where you can start your own Radio station. That seemed like a great idea, So I started selecting tracks with a good vibe from CDs of my collection that I had already digitized.
Meanwhile, I made a multilingual site.
How to select a good name for a radio station?
The name also came up during the Christmas holidays of 2015.
To think of a name that covers the format of the radio station is not very easy. “Indie” came closest. This includes many genres, therefore, we need a complement.
Coincidentally, I heard a song from The Cranberries that sounded pretty cheerful: “Just my imagination”. My wife called out “Indie Imagination” and so the name was born!
Indie Imagination Radio, I have added "Radio" to indicate that it is a radio station.

Start with broadcast
So I started with a lot of investment of time and listening to thousands of songs, and started broadcasting on April 12, 2016.
After 3 months my status proceeded to “advanced” and I was allowed to add another few thousand more songs to the database.
The aim of the radio station is that it remains non-profit. My only goal is to make this music available to you.

Advertisement on the radio station?

Possibly there will be advertising messages in some countries 2 or 4 times per hour. These are blocks of two-minute advertisements on Radionomy.
If there is no advertisement, then the time is filled with songs that are shortened to 2 minutes.
Furthermore, we bring no news or weather forecast, even no DJs, because it is purely the music!

Support us!
I have nine months to make the station viable and I am confident that it will succeed. In addition, I can use your support very well.
Do you like the music we stream, please share our radio station with your family and friends. Thus, we can grow into a fine station to listen to, reflecting only about the best indie related music. The starting point is in any case: as little as possible commerce, because we already have enough of those stations.
I put a lot of time in it and I like that. With the support of you I hope to make a station that we can enjoy for years to come.
(at time of writing: October 20, 2016, I can report that it goes well beyond expectation! In terms of listening hours we are well past on the minimum hours we have to get after 9 months)


In this I also want to thank my family, friends and colleagues for the contribution they have made to the site or still deliver, with logo design, translations or technical issues. Without them, the site is not as it is now. Top!

Owner and founder of Indie Imagination Radio

Henk de Lange