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  1. A striking new track from MIHI NIHIL‘s new album, “Gold” is an evolving psychedelic rocker with aesthetic and melodic appeal. Sludgy bass and lingering guitars complement a sweltering vocal ascension to start. The percussion patiently builds alongside the swelling vocals and bass-driven bustle, with a final minute captivating via Mihi Vox’s emotive vocal howl alongside […]

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  2. A beautiful slice of soulful R&B with a variety of interesting twists, “High On The Ceiling” comes from RGB, a Tel-Aviv based band formed in 2019. Concise synth trickles and a mellow lead build to lovely backing vocal adornments past the one-minute mark, with effervescent orchestral clangs driving to the lovely synth-laden “high on the […]

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  3. Rising Los Angeles-based artist Charlie Duda impresses on his new track “Really Really,” released today. It’s a melodic rocker fit for incoming warmer weather, featuring the big-time guitar twangs and suavely melodic vocals also present on last year’s superb Making Friends EP. Breezy vocals and twangy guitars drive to a comforting, nostalgic-sounding chorus — exuding […]

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  4. Released today, the hooky and charismatic “You Slept With My Best Friend” comes from San Diego-based duo Bang Bang Jet Away, who impressed this past December with the track “When I Said I Loved You.” Energetic guitars craft a pulsing background with ample energy, as the guitar let out a perpetual sigh of sorts — […]

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  5. After impressing with “V.G.S.O.H. (Sadie’s Song)” and “1 More Wicked Morning” in the past few months, Griffin Robillard brings forth a disco-tinged funk sound on new track “King Of The Laymen.” The suave, bass-hopping verses accelerate into a nifty chorus, the “goodbye,” vocal lead-in exuding fun suaveness. “I’m just another pawn in the big scheme,” […]

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