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  1. Lost + Found by funsucker Captivating with its wistfully atmospheric rock sound, “Ghostly” is a track from Brooklyn-based artist funsucker, via their debut EP Lost + Found. The vocals emit a melancholic, subdued tone amidst late-night guitar tones, letting out an emotive whimper rounding the 30-second mark, and gorgeously into the title-referencing hook. The guitar […]

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  2. An scintillating breakup anthem with striking vocals and suave Motown-inspired production, “Falling Apart” comes via Nashville-based band Poster Child, featured prior with tracks “Disco Duck” and Death Star Cadillac.” The soulful vocals and funky rhythm sections creep toward escalating sequences at the end of each verse, the “falling apart,” organ-laden hook emerging tastefully prior to […]

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  3. An intimate synth-pop crooner from Seance Crasher, “Back in Time” engrosses with its nocturnal yearning and nostalgic production. Touting a commanding vocal presence and knack for melodic yet atmospheric songwriting, Portland-based artist Kevin Rafn fronts the project, alongside Lia Gist and Scott Harlan. The spoken-word temptations and melancholic synth pulsations, past the three-minute mark, craft […]

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  4. Right Place Wrong Time by Thomas Thomas A jubilant rocker about the fleeting nature of young love, “Right Place Wrong Time” is a catchy new track from Calgary-based ensemble Thomas Thomas. Per the band, it’s a “a sparkly cautionary tale about pining after someone, but never feeling like it’s the right time.” The references to […]

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  5. A hypnotic, creative showing from Baltimore-based artist Unreliable Narrator, “Not Much I’m Into (Only You)” takes inspiration from Animal Collective’s early material. A soaring vocal lead joins a steady synth arp backing amidst steadily developing percussive hi-hats, lyrically indistinguishable though thoroughly meditative nonetheless. An effervescent textural addition, approaching the one-minute mark, adds enjoyably. Twangy guitar […]

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