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  1. From Auckland-based songwriter and producer Personal Igloo, “Time To Be” is a bouncy pop track described by the artist as “about the realisation of the times we live in, and how we are all obsessed with maximising pleasure.” The main vocal hook — “I never thought I’d see the time to be alive, but who […]

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  2. Releasing today, “So Icky” is an exhilarating hip-hop display from Los Angeles-based artist Cubgod. Aesthetically reminiscent of Death Grips, the track’s initial vocals are joined by a crunchy backing distortion. The “this sounds so tight,” hook adds a spacey synth-laden eeriness to the infectious melodic flow. There’s a hypnotizing effect induced by the chorus, which […]

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  3. Releasing today alongside the Candy EP, “Nuclear War” is a moving track from Sara Jackson-Holman. She describes the effort as “a love song set against unrest and uncertainty– the increased urgency of human connection amidst it all.” Twinkling keys during the “I still hope,” bridge leads seamlessly into the entrancing chorus — “lately they’ve been […]

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  4. Showing a dreamy and melodic sound, “Mustang” is an enjoyable new track from Beach Vacation, a band from Oak Harbor, Washington. An enveloping bass line bustles amidst fluid guitar jangles and distant vocals. A bridge around the two-minute mark succeeds with punchier percussion and wordless vocal backings, carrying into a lushly engrossing conclusion. “Mustang” is […]

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  5. Arson Daily’s recently released debut album, Late Reflections, contains a multitude of quality tracks. With this studio release, they show a gripping sound, ranging from invigorated rockers like “Glasshouse” and “Devil” to folk-forward ballads like “Romance to Rewind” and “Feels Like Forever.” On the more rock-forward tracks, there’s a bluesy howl in the vocal delivery, […]

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