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  1. A timeless folk mystique glows on “Blue Reed,” an alluring new single from Lang Owen, whose debonair narrative-rich vocal presence meshes beautifully with the melodic vocal reflections of Kelly Porterfield. The lyrics compel in their search for spontaneity; a man wanders the woods for a woman who made up her own name, crafted her treehouse habitat, and lives life on her own terms. “Close my eyes, hear what she means,” the vocals admit, then reminding of a “coffee routine,” and the mundanity of day-to-day life — and the temptation that arises in shedding oneself of such. The lovely vocal performances

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  2. An introspective, late-night rock sound takes hold on “High,” a new single from Aidan Rhys that explores the emotions arising from repeated “failed situation-ships.” “I’m not what you want me to be,” Rhys sings during the escalating chorus, falling back seamlessly into a creaky guitar-laden sincerity — “I’m not something you can commit to.” “Please don’t get close to me,” they continue during a pulsing array of guitar distortion; the emotive vocals and warming guitar layers converge with lasting impact, making for a compellingly emotional rock and pop intertwining throughout “High.” — This and other tracks featured this month can

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  3. A playful reggae and alt-pop fusing shine brightly on “Same Story,” the new single from Distorted Waves, a band based in Santa Cruz, CA. “This is a song about trying to protect someone you love,” they explain. “It is written from the perspective of a father protecting their child’s innocence by hiding the evils of the world until they are old enough to know the full story.” Quick-swiping guitars complement vocals that describe an openness when “the walls start to fall to the ground,” out of necessity in sharing knowledge of perseverance. Blasts of guitars build climactically during the “life

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  4. Charlotte, NC-based act Family VIdeo strut a buzzing synth-fronted pop ferocity on new single “Problem With My Heart.” Simmering distortion and trickling guitars complement a confident vocal drive from Josh Shabtai. The lyrics clamor to an entitled billionaire confronting morality, directing a “you’re on your way out,” ethos. Glistening synths arrive alongside the “feeling every heartbeat,” sequence, captivating in its thematic reflections of personal growth within the compelling synth-guitar interplaying. A brass-y lingering concludes this successful production with further intrigue; “Problem With My Heart” bursts with charismatic creativity throughout. Check out the track’s music video below, which is “performed entirely

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  5. Alt-rock vigor and spacious jangly introspection alike enamor on “April 3, 1974,” a new single from Sanford:. The release kicks off the artist’s upcoming album, and stirs in its thematic setting — rendering storm clouds with lines like “dark swirling skies on the landscape,” — alongside compelling escalations, ranging from wordless vocal bursts to contemplative narratives. The artist notes that the track is “lyrically based off the superstorms and tornados of April 3, 1974, which flattened many towns. But in this story the decimation helped save a small kid from an awful household.” The “saved me,” final refrain enthralls in

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