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  1. Atlanta-based rock act Strumbrush present a riveting double-sided single in “Shedding, Tearing” and “Optimist Eyes,” strutting an engrossing and hypnotic rock sound. They previously caught our ears in March, with the track “Nightmare Zoo.” The a-side, “Shedding, Tearing” wastes no time getting started; emotive vocals and charismatic guitar tones play feverishly amidst bustling percussion. The […]

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  2. Wowing with its hooky, synth-fronted psych-pop sound, “Monsoon” is a standout new track from Astral Orange. The track’s beginnings arose in 2020 on a retreat in a Northern Arizona cabin, and has since then been worked on carefully, with the final result being a wholly memorable one. A climatic opening, led by steadily enveloping synths, […]

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  3. North London-based band Depression, Baby compel on their new single “Out of Luck,” balancing grungy guitar jangles and dreamier hook-filled retrospection. Bemoaning initial lyrics and understated guitars propel swiftly into a peppier bass accompaniment and steady percussive pulse. The swooning vocals and chirpier guitars past the 30-second mark plays with captivating qualities, quickly showcasing the […]

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  4. “Leave Love Behind” is a shimmering new single from London-based artist Paul Cook & The Chronicles. Drawing inspiration from melodic styles like ’60s guitar pop, ’70s Americana, and Brit-pop, Cook impresses on the ethereal “Real Love Behind,” which represents the 7th in a series of single releases from the project. Twangy guitar warmness and amiable […]

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  5. Brooklyn-based band LAPÊCHE show an anthemic and melodic rock sound on new track “Mermaid Blues.” Singer/guitarist Krista Diem delivers a consuming vocal performance, maintaining an alluring balance between the verses’ dreamier character and the eruptive rises, exuding a ’90s alt-rock nostalgia at points like the two-minute turn. Following the rise, crisp guitar jangles mesh with […]

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