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  1. Get lost in the funky embrace of “Closing That Door,” a hypnotic delight from Beach For Tiger. It’s the latest success from a group that continues to dazzle, being featured in the past with singles like “Toffee” and “One Lovely Morning.” Beach For Tiger describe this latest gem as “all about feeling like you are on the edge of something amazing, but worrying that it is too good to be true and could one day be gone.” “Don’t go closing that door on me,” the vocals plead during a magnetic central hook. A steady rhythmic funkiness complements sophisticated brass arrangements

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  2. A riveting new single from Icelandic artist Myrkvi, “Completely Empty” moves with a serene psych-pop radiance. The solo project of Magnús Thorlacius, Myrkvi is prepping a third album, following full-length releases in 2020 and 2023. “Completely Empty” consumes with its airy, ethereal vocal qualities, pit-pattering percussive intrigue, and gorgeous swells. “Once upon a time, all I could think of was her,” Thorlacius admits alongside glistening guitars, meshing beautifully with the bouncy keys and steady percussion. Yearning for a lover to stay is conveyed artfully in the lyricism and vocal serenity, combining with an enveloping psych-pop production for a fantastic showing

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  3. Philadelphia-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Alek Barkats impresses with “Hologram.” The track moves solemnly within creaky acoustics and delicate piano to start, ascending into a twangy sturdiness as Barkats’ debonair vocals emerge. Smitten depictions of marveling at another’s beauty evolve into the “flying saucer that carries you and me to another world.” The escalate serves as a radiant hook that comes back into the verses seamlessly with an organ-touched intrigue. “Hologram” is a riveting success. Of the track, Barkats says: “It’s a little story song about my marriage. Dreaming this impossible dream together and going for it, despite things going wrong.

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  4. An escalating expression of love stirs on “Dance Without Me,” an evolving rocker from The 3rd Street Band. “This is a song about love lost. A reflection on what once was, and now the orator is letting the person go,” the band explains. Debonair bass-fronted introspection arrives into an anthemic, spirited guitar emphasis with glowing vocals alongside. “You’re gone, you’re with him, I saw you,” forlorn vocals emit, enamoring amidst pulsing bass and gently swaying guitars. “I can’t admit it,” they continue, regarding their adoring feelings, into a surf-y vocal touch. A fantastic chorus follows, with shimmering guitars arising with

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  5. A flourishing pop success with a funky undercurrent, “Sandinista Smile” exudes a nostalgic pull with its harmonious vocals and orchestral-laden pop adorations. The release marks a stellar collaboration from Animal Scream and Ames Harding & The Mirage. The production is ravishing, melding strings, playful guitars, and bouncy percussive flair with vocals that emanate with effervescent jubilation — warming with a reassuring “you’ll be alright,” reminder. “Sandinista Smile” is an absolute delight. — This and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Emerging Singles’ Spotify playlist. The track is also featured in the genre-based, best-of

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