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  1. Released today, “Song of Long” is a consuming track from Israeli act Parts, off the band’s new album, Pleasure as Pain. Showing a haunting initial sound with trickling guitars and chilly vocals, a guitar-based energy around 01:31 permeates enjoyably, exuding vibes tonally reminiscent of Radiohead. The “and recall,” line is followed by dreamy, captivating guitars […]

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  2. The entrancing “Cherry Pie” is the latest success from Love, Sophie. The Los Angeles-based artist wowed with debut track “Blush” a year ago, and again crafts a dreamy, hooky gem with this second single. Relaxed vocals and twinkling keys set a serene scene. Twangy guitars follow, with a starry ballad-ready feeling building to the glistening […]

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  3. A soulful and suave success, “Freeze” is a new track full of mood and melodic infection. “Freeze” comes from the artist brushstroke, the solo project of Philadelphia-based musician Eoin Murphy. Aesthetically, Murphy shows a sound steeped in soul and R&B, with a hypnotic psych-tinged electronic appeal evident in the lush synth/key tones and melodic twists/turns. […]

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  4. “Tracy Ruth” is a new track from Penny Shears, an artist raised in Boise, ID. Throughout the time writing his debut album, Penny Shears has spent time in Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Switzerland, and New York. The majority of album tracks were recorded in New York with artist and engineer Sam Owens (Sam Evian). […]

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  5. “Until the Sun Comes Up” is a catchy, suave rock delight from Baer Traa. Per the artist, the track was “inspired by the FM waves of the west coast in the late 70s.” That melodic sense of nostalgia is prevalent throughout. The chorus, with its soaring vocals and refreshing guitar tones, evokes a feeling reminiscent […]

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