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  1. Its ravishing production touting a soulful mystique, “In a Dream” is a standout single from Echo Thrills, the project of Stockholm native Oskar Jennefors. Jazz, disco, and psychedelia inspirations blend masterfully amidst the neo-soul dazzling, with Jennefors referencing a past-meets-present collection of influences, ranging from Marvin Gaye and Roy Ayers to UMO and Tame Impala. Mellow keys and glimpses of strings enamor into lush woodwind pushes and wordless vocal enthusiasm. Lyrics capture the “magical place,” that dreams can transport us to, full of color and whimsy. Twinkling keys add a weightless component to the orchestral integrations and funky rhythmic underlying,

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  2. Albany-based artist Sara Devoe conjures a dreamily entrancing emotion on “Late Bloomer,” a ravishing single with a thematic focus “on accepting the wrong types of attention.” First grabbing our attention in March with the track “Magazine,” Devoe again impresses with a compelling balance of riveting melodic passion and dreamily seductive soundscape. Gentle acoustic strums and twinkling piano show engrossingly amidst lyrics with a nocturnal tilt, reflecting the state of light beginning to peek through the sky. “Never really had a thought about how to live for just myself,” Devoe admits, signifying a new chapter in self-growth. The ensuing chorus dazzles,

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  3. North Carolina-based duo Relay Relay unveil a glistening pop magic on “High On You,” a replay-inducing success from the husband-wife team of Hannah and Jamie Rowen. “I’m high on you,” Hannah sings during the standout hook, as intertwining spacey synth lushness and suave guitar fixtures intertwine seamlessly. The more understated verses also compel, touting a patient build with its twinkling guitars and eventual second vocal emergence. “Am I just dizzy?” the vocals ask during an electronic-minded bridge, with a submerged synth-fronted tonal composure hooking firmly. “High On You” is an addictively melodic earworm from Relay Relay. Jamie elaborates more on

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  4. “Don’t Be So Obvious” is an alluring dreamy pop single from Los Angeles-based Dave & I, the solo project of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Julian Curelop (formerly co-creator and lead vocalist for dream-pop duo For Sure). The track is described as “about not laying all your cards on the table and protecting your heart.” Bird-chirping, a mellow bass hop, and hazy synths concoct an illustrious soundscape — one fitting for summertime days in the park, even as the initial vocals set the scene at “almost midnight.” The culminating, title-touting hook plays entrancingly amidst the playful guitars and and hazy background effervescence.

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  5. A nostalgic and breezy rock success, “Self Portrait” is described by Sunny Pache as “something I wrote to capture the innocence and angst of my youth.” The artist, originally from New England and now based in Portland (OR), captures the feelings of growing pains with eloquence amidst an approachable sound. Twinkling keys and steady, warming guitar pulses complement serenely dazed vocal tones, with various layers coalescing beautifully in the final minute as the keys assume a more sparkling demeanor. Steady and nostalgically absorbing in its depictions of youth’s purity, “Self Portrait” is a resonating track from Sunny Pache. The artist

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