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  1. A melodic treat with jangly power-pop soaring, “Dizzy Dreamer” is a hooky track from Nite Tides. The Nashville-based project is the alias for Ryan Poole, who also works as a sound engineer and producer. Nite Tides’ third single, “Dizzy Dreamer” continues to showcase Poole’s knack for stellar production and bountiful hooks. In particular, the “please […]

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  2. “Go Buy the Sun” is a stylish, moody track from Swedish act Mata Kopa, exuding a melodic convergence of sophisti-pop and late-night rock. Mellow vocal correspondence play alongside steady percussion and atmospheric guitar tones to start, with Miranda Raeder’s eventual vocal emergence catching melodically, and reminding fondly of TOPS. Raeder and Boris Grubesic recorded the […]

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  3. Another success from Mickey Newball, impressing prior with the tracks “Betting on Bad Weather” and “Ruby Jean,” “All Wrong” is a smooth rocker with a memorably escalating chorus. Suave verses, led by bass and a hazy backing, drive to a more spirited vocal rise, in this particular section reminding of Andrew Bird. “I’ve been at […]

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  4. Full of atmosphere and consuming structural variation, “Field 17” is a stirring track from Jonathan Roberts, a composer and pianist originally from the Peak District, and based in the North West England. Gentle keys mesh with a chilling, spacey ambience to start — lending the feeling of being alone in outer space. The ensuing section […]

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  5. Ryan Fischer‘s newly released track “Good Morning, Early Warning” plays like a burst of sunshine. Shimmering guitars and soaring vocals drive to a powerful title-referencing hook, conjuring ’90s nostalgia with its ensuing guitar twang and “thanks for joining the show,” quip. The frolicking acoustical backbone, vibrant vocals, and doses of bursting guitar converge throughout to […]

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