Under The Radar

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  1. Welcome to the fourth Songs of the Week of 2023. After a stacked, blockbuster seven days that was last week (filled with big album announcements and three boygenius songs), things settled down this week. Still, there was plenty to like.
  2. Editors wow a sold out Nottingham Rock City on the first night of their 2023 tour.
  3. Sometimes I Think About Dying is a heartwarming yet somewhat clichéd look at a lonely person learning to open up to those around them.
  4. Smaller Hearts is the synth pop project of Halfix-based musicians Kristina Parlee and Ron Bates. After first getting their start and indie rock, the pair forced themselves out of their comfort zones with Smaller Hearts, enforcing a strict no-guitars policy on their first three records.
  5. Ben Gibbard and composer Tom Howe have teamed up for the new song “Frightening Fishes,” which is the theme song for the new Apple TV+ show Shrinking. The comedy stars Jason Segel and Harrison Ford and premiered today.