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  1. Weyes Blood (aka Natalie Mering) is releasing a new album, And in the Darkness, Hearts Aglow, on November 18 via Sub Pop. Previously she shared its first single, “It’s Not Just Me, It’s Everybody,” and now the song has a cinematic music video that features Mering singing and dancing to the song in an Art Deco theater alongside a murderous anthropomorphic animated cellphone. The whole thing ends with a football trophy and dead bodies.
  2. Early next month, Chicago-based indie producer and singer/songwriter Chaepter is set to share his forthcoming debut full-length album, Kicking The Cat. Earlier this year, he released the Nobody Died EP, introducing his hazy mix of bedroom R&B, shoegaze, and grunge, and his latest effort is set to expand on this sound, incorporating it into a record Chaepter has described as “Midwest Gothic.”
  3. Paramore have announced the release of a new album, This Is Why, which will be out on February 10, 2023 via Atlantic. They have also shared a video for the album’s lead single and title track, “This Is Why.”
  4. Ramy is determined to do better, grow up and take life seriously. Don’t read that as he has now got it all figured out. He definitely does not, but he’s trying, two steps forward, three steps back.
  5. Bonny Light Horseman have shared a new single, “Someone To Weep For Me.” It is the latest release from their forthcoming album, Rolling Golden Holy, which will be out on October 7 via 37d03d.